Labradoodle Young Adults

*No Young Adult Labradoodles are available at this time

Our Purchase and Health Contract requires that if a family, for whatever reason, cannot keep one of our Labradoodles that they have adopted, return it to us for re-homing. Again, because we have so many requests for older dogs and because we want to keep track of our Labradoodles so that they do have forever homes, it is better for us, the dog and the families involved to re-home through us. These dogs typically stay with us for several weeks to months prior to being placed in their new home so that we truly get to know them and can make the best placement for them.

Periodically, these dogs will become available to rehome to another family. We take extra special care during re-homing, and will make sure that the dog is comfortable and that the new family is a true fit for their newest life time companion. Adoption fee for retired and re-homed Labradoodles is $500.

For more information about the young adult dogs, or Lauderdoodles rehoming process, please contact us directly at 248-622-0355.