Labradoodle Coat Styles


The wool coat has a slightly coarse feel and is non-shedding. The wool coat has a very tight curl similar to that of a poodle. This coat does require regular clipping and grooming. This coat can potentially be tolerated by people with dog allergies as well as those with general allergies.


The hair coat has a coarse or wiry feel to it and does have mild to severe shedding. The shedding can be controlled with clipping and grooming. This coat is not a good coat for people with dog allergies, however general allergy sufferers may tolerate this coat.


The fleece coat has a soft feel to it and is mild to non-shedding. The fleece coat can be straight, loose curl or very curly. This coat does require clipping and grooming several time a year. This coat can potentially be tolerated by people with dog allergies as well as those with general allergies.

Please Note: LauderDoodles no longer produces Labradoodles with hair coats

Labradoodle Color Styles

Black: puppies are born black but can develop white hairs for a “salt and pepper” look and or fade to silver

Chocolate: puppies are born chocolate but can fade to different levels of either tan or silver (parchment) as adults

Chocolate Brindle: is a rare color varia

Red: puppies are born red but can fade over time to a lighter shade of red

Apricot: puppies tend to retain the apricot color as adults

Cream: little to no change in color as adults

Parchment: is an adult color that develops and the chocolate coat fades over time

White: no change in color as adults

Labradoodles are notorious for having their color change or fade as they grow into adult dogs. The Poodle genetics present in Labradoodles typically result in fading of the rich coat colors seen in labradoodle puppies. Fading can cause the adult coat to be several shades lighter or even a different color. In addition the coat varies in hue from the skin outward, such that clipping the coat very short can result in a much lighter shade of color.

Lauderdoodles cannot guarantee the availability of a specific combination of color and coat consistency, as there is wide variation between litters and breeding parents. As always, we believe that personality and temperament are much more important factors in picking a life long Labradoodle companion for your family, but we will do our best to match your style preferences whenever possible.

If you have any questions about the styles and colors available,
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